Tapestry of Grace has been in existence for about two decades.  Because our program persistently recommends living books as well as classics, we’ve seen many books “die” (go out of print).  We regularly replace these with new options that have just been born, but we’ve also noticed that “dead” books can enjoy a sort of resurrection!  Our customers who have older editions, or well-stocked libraries, or who like to visit used bookstores, routinely mix and match current edition books with older edition books through our Book Updates Chart (the BUC).  What is that, exactly?  Well, if you’ve ever visited one of our Tapestry Online week pages, you would have noticed some gray bars scattered around.  Those, if you own a BUC membership, become clickable drop-down bars that reveal curriculum document packets for our archived book recommendations.

Let’s say, for example, that the current edition does not recommend Science in Ancient Egypt, but you happen to have it, or can get it through a library or used book site.  Which pages should you read in that book for Year 1, Week 3?  The downloadable BUC document packet will tell you, and it will also give you any worksheets or other curriculum pages that might have been specifically designed to go with that book (usually, worksheets apply to Literature books).  If you own a BUC membership and can see the document packets, you will be able to download each one with a simple double-click!  

Access to the BUC used to come for free with a purchase of a Tapestry Year Plan (and still does, and always will for any year plans you purchased before Jan 1, 2021).  Unfortunately, we had to discontinue that practice for new customers (purchasing on or after Jan 1, 2021) due to the expense of maintaining the BUC as a free service.  However, following several requests from customers who would be delighted to pay for the privilege, we are reopening the BUC as a paid subscription.  What do you get when you buy a BUC Legacy Membership?  Purchasing this lifetime membership will give you access to everything in the BUC past, present, and future, for all editions as far back as the BUC goes (2013 at least; some titles go back to 2006), for the year plan(s) you select.  The word “lifetime” is significant: you will be able to use this membership for the rest of your homeschooling life.


  • A BUC membership of any kind does not include the books listed in the BUC.  It includes only the curriculum document packets for those books.
  • A BUC membership, including any printout from its digital pages, is a digital product.  According to Lampstand Press copyright policy, digital products (or printouts of them) cannot be transferred, loaned, given away, or resold.  Please see Terms and Conditions page (a link can be found in the footer at the bottom of any page on our website) for more details, or contact us with any questions!
  • Please be aware BEFORE purchasing any BUC Legacy Membership product that you will soon have a cheaper alternative if your goal is to purchase curriculum pages for just a few archived books here and there!  We are working to integrate the BUC into our new Booklist Tool (coming November 2022) so that you can see all the titles we have ever recommended (that we know of, at least!) for a given year, level, and subject.  If you wish, you will also be able to purchase the specific reading assignments and any associated curriculum pages (worksheets, teachers’ notes, etc.) for that individual book.  We expect it will cost anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 per book, depending on how extensively the book is used and how many curriculum pages are included.  Therefore, you do not need to purchase a BUC Legacy Membership to take advantage of some of our archived books.  Please consider this carefully before purchasing the BUC Legacy Membership!
  • It is our hope and intention that this incorporation of the BUC into the new Booklist Tool should also make updating to new titles much easier for those who decide to keep their 2020 Edition of Tapestry of Grace (instead of updating to the 2023 edition), but wish to take advantage of the 2023 updated booklist.