Goals of the Program

Our core goal is that every prospective customer will be thoroughly heard and thoughtfully served by this program.  

It is also our goal to fairly administrate this program, which is by nature competitive, for the good of our community and in the fear of God.

Towards both of these ends, we want to begin by ensuring that each person considering the Affiliate program is fully informed before signing up.  We want to be sure you will not experience any unpleasant surprises down the road.  We urge you to read this article carefully and decide whether you are comfortable with it before signing up!

Rules of the Program

Because the goals and products of Lampstand Press change from year to year, and in light of the seasonal nature of the homeschool curriculum market, we expect that the terms, offers, and promotions of our Affiliate/Referral program will change annually, if not quarterly. Please be aware of this as you consider signing up.

  1. Any user on our new website can apply to become an affiliate/referrer—we don’t require special training or certification, though we do reserve the right to refuse an application if we feel it is wise to do so.  

  2. As an affiliate/referrer, you will get a 2% commission on the total of the first cart of anybody you send our way, assuming they choose to use your affiliate link.   

  3. Lampstand may seasonally offer 10%-50% affiliate commissions on specific products that we wish to promote for a time.  These products and percentages will be listed monthly in the "Marketing" section of the newsletter, and the higher commissions will be automatically applied to your affiliate rates for those products unless you request otherwise.

  4. Use of your affiliate link is always “customer’s choice.” Lampstand Press hopes that customers will use the link of whichever affiliate, referrer, or presentation specialist they found most thorough and thoughtful in understanding their family’s education needs and explaining Tapestry’s options. However, we do not propose to control customers' use of affiliate links.

  5. Lampstand Press will provide each affiliate, referrer, or presentation specialist with access to a dashboard that shows records of all commissions earned, etc.  However, Lampstand Press will not reassign commissions once an affiliate link has been used.

  6. At various times, you may need to ask your clients to contact Lampstand Press Customer Service directly to get coupons.  For example, we might need to verify their eligibility for a particular coupo by cross-checking our records.  Lampstand Press will never use this interaction with a prospective customer as a way to suppress an Affiliate or Referral commission, but we do reserve the right to direct prospective customers to available resources on our website if they have more questions than we can easily answer.  Those resources will include Facebook groups and Presentation Specialists.  

How to Sign Up

This is the easy part!  

    1.  First, go to your "My Account" page on the website.  

    2.  Do you see the "Register as an affiliate" link on the left-hand side?  Click that!  Fill out the page and be sure to         include your website as well if you have one.  Don't forget to click "I accept all the terms of this program" (which are the terms discussed above in this article) when you have finished!   

    3.  Your submission will appear in our affiliate administration dashboard for approval or rejection.  If we approve your     submission (usually within a week), you will see your affiliate dashboard appear in your "My Account" page:

Resources for Affiliates

On our website, Lampstand Press will work to provide several Affiliate resources:

  • The Help button, found in the bottom right-hand corner of every page on our website, offers a searchable knowledge base full of articles that we are constantly writing or editing, like the one you are reading now!  The Help button also provides an easy way to open a ticket for our Customer Service department.

  • The Community Page lists our Facebook Groups and Presentation Specialists.  If you are having a busy week and simply lack time to help a prospective customer understand the program better, no problem!  Send them to Customer Service, or to the community page!  The prospective customer may or may not use your affiliate or referral link after possibly speaking with a Presentation Specialist or with other affiliates on the Facebook groups.  However, you will not have to take up valuable time explaining the program to them, and they will (we hope) be well-served in their exploration of Tapestry, which is the final goal.

  • The Explore Tapestry page is specifically designed as a model presentation page that you can use to walk a prospective customer through the educational philosophy, curriculum options, community resources, and product price list for all of Lampstand Press!

  • Tapestry of Grace Online (TOGO).  This fully-integrated dashboard is not only be a place where you can keep all your digital Tapestry files organized.  It is also be a place where you can show a fully-loaded three-week sample of all our Tapestry product offerings to prospective customers.  Your prospective customer will be able to set up a dashboard with samples from the beginning as a test drive, and then they may add any future digital products to it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I work hard to help somebody understand the program and then that person doesn't use my affiliate link--or instead uses the link of another affiliate or presentation specialist who helped them out later in their purchasing process? Why can't I have that customer reassigned to me?
    Our plugin does not allow us to reassign customers as far as we know, and also we want customers to feel free to use the affiliate link of whichever person they choose.  We hope you will consider this aspect of the program fully before signing up. 

  2. Who receives affiliate or referral commissions, and who does not?
    Anybody signed up for an affiliate link will receive a commission, which may include anybody on Tapestry's Facebook groups, or any presentation specialists listed on Tapestry's website.  Lampstand Press's customer service representatives do not receive affiliate commissions, nor are they permitted to mention any affiliate links they may have for their own personal use while answering phone or tickets for Lampstand.  Also, we do not have any affiliate commission links in our Help button knowledge base.  The knowledge base may redirect customers to the Community Page or presentation specialists, but it will never invite customers to click through to the store using a Lampstand Press affiliate link.

  3. Being an affiliate sounds nice, but I'm really more interested in becoming a Presentation Specialist. How do I apply for that?
    Unfortunately, you cannot apply to be a Presentation Specialist.  It is a "by invitation only" role.  That being said, we do keep an eye on affiliate statistics, and affiliates who are effective in meeting the goals of the program are likely to be invited to the Presentation Specialist program eventually.

  4. Can I consult a Presentation Specialist and then pass on that information to somebody who wants to use my affiliate link?
    Barring special circumstances such as personal friendships or offers of free help from a Presentation Specialist, we would prefer that you ask Customer Service and get an answer directly from us rather than using up a Presentation Specialist's time without offering any her any compensation through a sale.  

  5. Can I ask Lampstand Press to develop certain resources that would make my Affiliate and Referral life easier?
    Absolutely!  We are always working to improve every aspect of the company, from curriculum to shipping processes to marketing to program resources.  If your interactions with customers make you wish we offered X resource, Y curriculum product, or Z program, tell us!  We can't promise that we will always do as you wish, but we promise that we will always take your feedback seriously, and we will be grateful to you for offering it!