We have now finished translating 25,000+ user accounts and 48,000+ order histories from the old website to the new website, and we have finished loading Tapestry Online (TOGO) so that we can grant digital access. We are now processing the first 600+ digital memberships. Now that the process of translating customer accounts and records has been completed, we have changed our procedures a bit.  Please read the updated steps carefully:

  1. Purchase a "Lookup Fee" license in the Tapestry store. This costs $15, and it covers the extra time that our staff will need to spend looking up your information now that we no longer have access to your Locklizard account.

  2. IF YOU HAD AN ACCOUNT ON THE OLD WEBSITE: Try to access your user account from the old website on the new website. If it won't open on the first or second attempt, change the password, but don't try a third time! If you still can't get in even after swapping passwords, do Step 3 below. If you can get in to your old account, skip to Step 4.

  3. IF YOU NEED TO OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT: If you cannot access your old account, please use the Help button (yellow button in the lower right-hand corner of any web page on our site) to open a ticket for help!

  4. Although we were able to transfer your order history, the old website did not keep track of which Integrated Tapestry edition you are currently using.  For example, you might have purchased a 2011 Edition, but later upgraded to a 2014 Edition, and most recently updated again to 2020!  We need your help to make sure you get access to the products you actually want to use!  Therefore, please open a ticket (use "Contact Us" on the Help button) and state which editions of Tapestry you would like to have. For example, you might write:
    - Year 1: 2020 Edition
    - Year 2: 2015 Edition
    - Year 3: 2020 Edition
    - Year 4: 2007 Edition

    If you aren't sure which edition you want to use, try looking at the title page, or the bottom outside corner of any page, of the curriculum you already have in LockLizard. That will tell you the copyright year, which is also the edition year. Please note that we are still loading the first five editions (2006-2010), but that we should be able to give you access to 2011-2020 editions quickly.

  5. IN THAT SAME TICKET, please tell us which email address/user name you would like to keep from now on.  We are finding that some customers have multiple user accounts, and we must consolidate all your order records and digital memberships under one account. If you have some idea of what old email addresses or usernames you might have used in the past, that information will be very helpful and we ask that you include it in your ticket!  We will delete any old user accounts for you after transferring your order history to the one account that you select to keep, so it is CRUCIAL that you tell us which user account you want to keep!  If you can't access any of your old accounts, go to Step 2 and then tell us that you'd like to use your new account as your primary account. :-)

  6. If you CANNOT presently access your curriculum via your current LockLizard license, please note this in your ticket and we will move you to the head of the line! We want to make sure that everybody can at least plan as usual with the LockLizard materials you already know how to use.

  7. If you CAN access your curriculum products via LockLizard for planning purposes, please try to wait patiently for your TOGO access. We have tested the system and are certain that you will receive an automatically-generated email when your TOGO membership has been granted. We are going in order from oldest (those who have been waiting more than a month) to newest, but we are slowed down every time we need to answer a query about when TOGO access will arrive. Oddly enough, the quickest way to get your access is to try to forget about it until you get that wonderful email saying you now own products that you don't remember ordering! ;-)

  8. If you are purchasing a new digital product, the good news is that TOGO membership should already be linked to it because that product is now on the new website. If you DON'T see Tapestry Online (TOGO) access to that product coming up on the TOGO unit pages, please let us know!

When your memberships are loaded, you will see them appear under the "membership" section of your user account (see screenshot below).  You cannot download from here, however, so if you are confused about what to do next, we recommend you watch this video.