Mobile versions of Tapestry DE work a little differently than you may be used to if you originally used the PC or Mac versions. Some of the key differences are:

  • A Tapestry DE icon is not automatically created when you set up the DE. These icons need to be created manually.
  • You cannot print from mobile DE versions.
  • Rather than downloading an entire year-plan at a time (which would use up large amounts of space on your device), mobile versions download files individually into the LockLizard app where they are saved for future use.
  • Mobile DE versions support the creation of custom bookmarks.

A typical Digital Edition installation on a mobile device goes like this:

  1. Install the LockLizard Viewer app from the device's mobile store app.
  2. Register a license for the device.
  3. Access the online DE interface.
  4. Click the link for each file you wish to download into the Viewer app, then access the files from there any time you need them.