Differences between Classic and Redesign:

  • Classic was award-winning, and still works great; Redesigned is the newest, latest version (also award-winning!), which we are still in the process of writing.
  • The approach is the same in both: the whole family studies one topic a week, and we try to give moms as much help as possible in teaching that week's topic to all students in her home. The layout is different: Classic was produced in-house by copiers on colored paper; Redesign is professionally printed in colored ink on white paper, with more user-friendly organization.
  • Redesign plans have Writing Assignment Charts integrated into each week-plan; Classic volumes separate out the Writing Assignment Charts into the BASE unit.

Advantages of the Redesign format:

  • We learned a lot in writing Tapestry of Grace. Redesign represents the best of all the constructive feedback that Classic users gave us over eight years of use, and all of the new improvements and options that are offered to us with changing technology.
  • Our sister company, Bookshelf Central, carries all of the titles from the primary reading lists.
  • We offer a more guided approach to reading lists, while retaining flexibility.
  • Redesigned plans have added history discussion outlines for dialectic (Jr. High) level students. Both Redesign and Classic have discussion outlines for the rhetoric level.
  • In editing Redesigned volumes, and in deciding to sell the primary resources we recommend, we have been able to tighten up the questions/answers that we ask students in preparation for discussion. We did not assure parents using the Classic volumes that all the answers the student needs are in his resources (if you use the exact books we recommend and sell). Most questions are answered in Classic volumes, but not all. (And most questions are answered by alternate history, fine arts, and classic literature volumes; but not necessarily all.)
  • Redesigned rhetoric-level literature is completely reworked and enhanced by a literature specialist.
  • When a primary title goes out of print, we provide the information that you need to make your printed Tapestry and your personal library of recommended books match via our Book Updates Charts.
  • We have designed and written new supplements, such as Pop Quiz and Evaluations, to correspond with our Redesigned curriculum to enhance the learning experience.
  • Redesigned has the option of a digital delivery method, which in itself offers multiple benefits and advantages. See our Buying Guide for more details.