Any device that you wish to access your digital purchases on must have a license in order for it to be registered to your account. You are given one license to put your digital purchases on one device with your very first purchase. If you need additional licenses, you can request them by filling out the Network License Request Form (this form is also located on the Help Center under the Forms heading).

Please note that there is a $5 application processing fee required to activate your license(s). This fee only applies to the request as a whole, not each device. This means that you will be charged only one $5 fee regardless of how many devices you list on your request.

After you fill out the form, it will be sent to our License Administration staff. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for our staff to review your request. You will receive an email with further instructions when this has been completed. Follow the link in that email to check out with the Application Processing Fee mentioned previously. Once the fee has been paid, you can go to the Download Center and follow the instructions to install your digital files onto each device.